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This is me (with the blue jacket),

my friend Rodrigo (in the middle) and our amazing team on the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro at 5895 meters above sea level at the beginning of 2019.

I was able to take this trip because I have the freedom to work wherever and whenever I want. But most importantly because Rodrigo trusted me enough to pull of the job. He knew I was a sure bet and he knew I was bringing more to the project than just an amazing film. He knew I was a critical member of the team and that the odds of success were better with me than without me.

A few years ago I thought this was impossible.

Fuck, I even said it out loud literally:
"I will never go to Kilimanjaro".

But it's strange how the world conspires to make things happen if you are ready to listen. Now...

Imagine if...

... you could have the freedom and income to live in abundance by doing what you love.

... you knew how to attract high end clients that trust you and are willing to pay what you deserve.

... you knew how to help people by delivering unforgettable results and making an impact on what they really care about.


... you could have the clarity to set your goals and know how to accomplish them.

... you could keep yourself motivated, get over your fears and get things done consistently.

... you could inspire others to do work that matters. 

Sounds good?
If you take action now this could be you.

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