Chilean Mountain Centre Association

Case Study


The Chilean Association of Council's with Mountain Centres (AMM) is a group of eight Chilean councils that have come together to work as a tourism board to promote outdoor activities in their regions and mountain centres.

The Challenge

Travel more than 1400 kms in ten days to eight mountain centres to create on the go films and photography sets to help promote the different mountain centres to young national and international adventure seeking travellers.

The Outcome

An overall brand film promoting all mountain centres and 8 individual short films for each council. The overall film is currently displayed on their website, the mountain centres and on official tourist bus services in the metropolitan area. The individual films are being used by each council for their stands at international tourism fairs.      


Outdoor Photography

In addition to the short film a set of outdoor photographs were commissioned to promote each individual council and have been used on social media channels, web use, and print format by local and international tourism agencies and boards.

Mountain Centers Association

Local Tourism Board Short Films

In addition, 8 council specific short films were commissioned to present the location on international tourism gathering and events.  

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