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Journey Walks Walking Tours
Case Study



Launched in 2016, Journey Walks is a small, independent collective of heritage-professionals who bring Sydney’s fascinating history to life through Tours & Experiences.

Led by Max Burns - McRuvie and unlike conventional tours that rely on common facts about different locations Journey Walks mission is to transport you through time & space through the art of storytelling, so the unknown stories, the way they are told and the people behind them is what brings to life the different locations they visit.

The Challenge

Create a video for each tour that captures the spirit of Journey Walks experiences and compels locals and tourists alike to book a tour directly from their website and take a journey into the secrets, stories and stages that have helped shape Sydney as we know it today.

The Outcome

One published video and more in stages of production that ignite the viewers imagination and makes them want to book a tour with Journey Walks.

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