Sydney Nimble Tours
Case Study



Launched in 2019, Sydney Nimble Tours offers private hiking and sightseeing tours to Sydney's city and natural attractions. To help increase their Royal National Park tour bookings they commissioned a video that captures the nature and the locations that a guest might experience on one of their tours.

The Challenge

In a one day shoot capture footage of 5 different locations including 2 hikes towards Eagle and Wedding Cake Rock to create a visual story that inspires a potential guest to book the tour.

The Outcome

A 59 second video targeted to nature lovers seeking to discover Australia's natural beauty and wildlife in a private sightseeing experience in Royal National Park.

Client Review

"Ernesto took a video for my company, Sydney Nimble Tours, of the Royal National Park. The video he produced is first class. I was particularly impressed with the way he captured wildlife. He is a passionate and competent gentleman and very good at what he does. The day we did the shoot was extra long as we had so much to cover,, hiking for over 5 hours. Ernesto never wilted and kept going right to the end, insisting that we finish at one final location while we still had light. He is also easy to work with and had not trouble re-scheduling due to difficult weather conditions. Thank you Ernesto for a high quality video."

Greg Sommers - Owner of Sydney Nimble Tours

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