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Case Study


Vial Adventure & Consulting provides risk assessment services and first aid certifications for the outdoor industry in more than 14 different locations in Chile. 

They approached us with an outdated online presence but with a huge ambition. They wanted to change their position in the marketplace and they wanted to take on the big guys. If we wanted to help we would have to take out the big guns. 

The Challenges

Make their digital presence match their status as industry leaders and design the brands corporate identity to facilitate high revenue business to business contracts and government grant approvals. 

The Outcome

A rebranding project with target audience discovery, a brand film, photography, website and marketing materials to support Vial Adventure's business goals.

Services Delivered

Strategy - Messaging - UX/UI Design - Web Design & Development - Film Production & Photography - Marketing Collateral


Before the scope of the project was defined an in depth strategy session was conducted to understand the brands actual needs and wants. This session helped them clarify their vision, understand their customers, find their voice and understand their goals. After the session the roadmap, brand story and voice was clear:

"Vial Adventure provides internationally accredited first aid certifications on demand in any national location for professional organizations that want to build trust with their customers"

Positioning, user profiles, user journeys, brand attributes, customer and revenue segmentation were also defined to serve as a roadmap for future decision making.


Following the new brand strategy guidelines the challenge was to communicate Vial Adventure's capability to work in any environment with all sort of people while giving the viewer a feel of trust and expertise towards the brand. To accomplish this Ernesto travelled to six locations to capture the brands presence along the country and their performance in the field with real clients.


Photographs that followed the new brand guidelines and voice were of the essence to make the project come to life. To accomplish this Ernesto had to create location specific photographs that conveyed a feeling of trust, amplitude and safety for the new website and marketing assets. Some examples are:


Based on the user profiles and user journey's we created a site map and content organization based on key customer behaviours and needs. The final design created by Macarena Vidal had to be both functional and inspiring while following the brand guidelines.

The Outcome

Vial Adventure and Consulting clarified their goals changing their main target from consumer to business contracts. Their strong visual storytelling marketing assets allow them to seamlessly position themselves in the marketplace and win new and bigger contracts.   

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